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An aphrodisiac that will change your happiness in love

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An aphrodisiac that will change your happiness in love

Lubricants, Viagra, sexy toys, champagne, chocolate? Not! Not even close, this is free and always available.

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Somehow lately, I've come across men more and more often wondering how to get to "a little more action in the bedroom" with longtime girlfriends or wives. Some even jokingly asked, "Is there Viagra for women?". And it's not easy for us women either. Statistics show that 85% of women worldwide, in long-term relationships or marriage, are not satisfied with their sex life. What is happening then?

If both are dissatisfied, isn't the solution imposed simply by itself? Actually no. Because we all prefer to rummage through various magazines and the internet looking for a way to express and meet OUR needs. And speaking of needs, do you know what your partner’s wants and needs are? Do you have an understanding for his views on this issue? And so that it doesn't turn out that only women should ask themselves this - this applies to both men and women.

Nowadays, we increasingly exclude each other and concentrate only on ourselves, so it is not surprising that more and more relationships are falling apart. You can now say what you want, but the fact is that we have all become more self-centered, and then we wonder how no one understands us, how our loved one does not pay enough attention to us, and we are not even aware that we do the same to them.

What should we do then? If you are looking for an aphrodisiac, which will reawaken the passions in your relationship, you do not have to run to the store or to the doctor for a prescription. If you want your partner to melt with happiness and love in your presence, there is only one real cure. Compassion.

Why is empathy so miraculous?

When it comes to true compassion, instead of just looking at your version of reality, which everything (even the conflict) revolves around you, you should learn how to see and feel what your partner really feels or put simply - put yourself in his shoes.
If empathy is something completely foreign to you, because your partner has let you down too many times, we have a secret for you. First, you definitely need to work on yourself. Remember, when your partner screws up - self-defense, accusation and shame flood your mind and the door of the heart closes.
If you are committed to your partner, and if he is committed to you, forgiveness must be a top priority for both of you.

All relationships depend to some extent on forgiveness. People inflict pain on each other, no matter how much they love each other, and it is true that the most pain is inflicted on us by those people we care about the most. No friendship, no marriage, no family would last and last if the silent corrective power of forgiveness would not constantly work to undo the corrosive effect of resentment, resentment and bitterness, which always occur among people.

The desire to repair a wounded relationship, whether it takes the form of forgiveness, an apology, or some other bridging gesture, is a primordial human impulse. The need to forgive can be just as strong as the need to be forgiven.

Once you have forgiven, compassion is possible. Empathy (looking at life and situations through your partner's eyes) will help you improve the quality of the relationship or marriage. You will feel more connected, closer and more intimate. Just remember that this process must flow on both sides. Talk to your partner about it and turn over a new leaf in your relationship. You will see improvement in every field, and with the new connection will come a new sexual momentum in your relationship. And you will see that it will be a better aphrodisiac than anything you can buy in the store or get a prescription from your doctor.

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