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Once in train

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The squeak of a locomotive, departure, a slight hum and water in my ears from those mild riots between my hips.
Yes, I was getting ready for the sea. This was one of those classic visits to relatives who live there and who don't care if the sun is shining, frying, whether it's crowded, the price of restaurants and everything that accompanies a summer, tourist place by the sea, but that's why euphoria is not relented.
I smiled to myself, my restlessness, desires, hips, eyebrows, smile ... she laughed at the secret desires related to this trip, the sea ...
"Madam, your ticket," the words from this giggle tore at me
"Yes, yes," I muttered ...
I raised my head, you give ... well, yes, he's a conductor after all. The corner of my lips pulled up, my eyelashes somehow played strangely, some ghostly, cold and warm feelings began to change in me again.
I went out, leaned back and before my eyes spring pictures, landscapes, all that beauty was creating and disappearing in front of me and I, I was just waiting for my eyes with black thick lashes to come out of one of the compartments. disappearing between compartments.
I walked the length of the wagon a couple of times, came to the door when I heard the doorknob on the second step, but continued on my way with my compartment.
I felt every look, every blink, every breath of his, an even lighter step behind me, and I ... I just smiled to myself, so like Merlin Monroe with one heel shorter she moved her hips from one leg to the other. Yes ... her every heel was always shortened by 1 cm because of that enchanting walk ...
I put my fingers on the doorknob, squeezed lightly, and opened the door. With a slight movement of my legs, I stepped into my compartment with one hand, leaning on the doorframe, and threw my hair far back ...

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