19:25    12/06/2024
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Say no to human trafficking
How to stop human trafficking?

Are you a victim of human trafficking or sexual exploitation or any other crime?

Don't be afraid to go to the police. The police in will help you.

In an emergency call the police on 112.

Do you suspect human trafficking, exploitation or child prostitution?

If you have encountered an escort or other sex worker who you believe may be trafficked, exploited or underage, we would strongly encourage you to do the right thing and report your suspicions to the police immediately.

If you suspect trafficking, exploitation or underage - LEAVE - and report the matter to the police.

In an emergency call the police on 112.

Clients play an important role in stopping sex trafficking and exploitation in - Please do your part!

Please note that paying for sex is a crime in , so clients may wish to report anonymously.